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SEND IT! is the brainchild of Syd and Macky, two professional mountain bike racers who live in a van and travel the world in search of the coolest mountain bike races they can find. While they don’t have much space in the van, they always travel with at least one board game.

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    The idea for SEND IT! started with a crash. A bad crash. A crash so bad, in fact, that it led to a lot of analysis about what went wrong and a lot of board game playing. And eventually those two things came together and the idea of a mountain biking board game was born. 

    We set out to create a mountain biking game that acknowledges the inherent risk of our sport but also recognizes that there are ways to decrease that risk; that lets you send harder and harder features but recognizes that each feature requires a unique skill set; that forces you to find the delicate balance between over-preparing for a feature and just sending it.

    With these ideas in mind, we started throwing ideas back and forth and quickly created a prototype out of cardboard. After playing it a couple times we felt like we were on to something and moved onto paper prototypes that we could more easily update. We played with as many people as we could, updating game play and working out the kinks, then printed a one-off version to see what it felt like to play with actual cards and pieces.

    We continued to play with anyone who was interested and got lots of great suggestions that led to board and game play changes and eventually got to the point where we felt that it would be a real game. So we hired Kristina Wayte to do the artwork, started figuring out the logistics of manufacturing a board game and started planning our Kickstarter campaign. And thanks to everyone who supported the Kickstarter, SEND IT! is now a real game!