The Riders

Elsa can outride you on any trail. She’ll climb forever and is a great descender. But she has to stop at the top of every climb to eat a snack, drink some water and check her tire pressure. She’s completely reliant on her dropper post, always wears knee pads and only rides 2.35” or wider tires. Great at tech and quite fit, but lacking air and balance skills. Are you ready for a big day of riding? Elsa is!

Terrance does things on a bike that seem completely impossible! Hop onto a 6-foot high wall? No problem! Ride along the top of fence? Easy! Jump from one handrail to another on one wheel? Sure! As long as he has lots of time to practice he can do anything. Just don’t ask him to ride for more than a couple minutes at a time or take his trials bike on a trail. Are you ready for the concrete playground? Terrance is!

Sammy is the most well-balanced of the crew. He loves getting out on the trail and doesn’t care about the newest gadgets. His bike is a bit outdated and might not get as much maintenance as it should but it works (most of the time). He likes to ride HIS speed and can’t ride with anyone whose pace is different. He’s an okay all-around rider and doesn’t like tech. Are you ready for some fun singletrack? Sammy is!

Carrie is a BEAST! She always rides a hardtail, loves big climbing days and isn’t afraid to suffer. When everyone else starts lagging she drops a gear and drops the pack. She replaces all the bolts on her bike with titanium ones to save weight and refuses to wear a hydration pack. She’s super fit and has great balance but her skills are lacking in the tech and air categories. Are you ready to ride hard? Carrie is!

Delilah spends all day, every day at the bike park sessioning jumps. While she’s only riding her bike about 10% of that time, she makes it count! She always wears jeans and a t-shirt and loves to show up the guys by hitting the jumps they won’t. Her whip is incredible and she throws a mean no-hander, but she’s scared of fast singletrack and has never even seen a rock garden. Are you ready to do some jumping? Delilah is!

Derek shreds…as long as the trail points downhill. He loves riding at the bike park and shuttling with his buddies and claims that any trail flatter than -10 degrees is UPHILL. His bike weighs 45 pounds but it’s super comfortable at speed and he doesn’t have to slow down for rocky gnar. He loves techy rock gardens and jumping, but HATES pedaling and slow speeds. Are you ready for a park day? Derek is!