Print and Play

Here are setup instructions for the print-and-play version of SEND IT!

  1. Print all the files as follows:
  2. Tape together the six pages of “board.pdf” to create a 20×20″ board (we recommend trimming the white off the areas that overlap)
  3. Cut out the Feature Tiles and Rider Tokens (cut while looking at the non-“Feature Closed” side)
  4. Cut out the Rider Cards, Crash Cards and Prepare Cards (cut on the unique faces side)
  5. Place a paperclip on each skill area of each Rider Card (4 clips per card)
  6. Get three 6-sided dice and label them as follows (we cut up white name tag stickers and placed them on each side to write on):
    • Riding die (1) – 1, 1, 2, 2, 3, 3
    • Training dice (2) – red (fitness), yellow (balance), green (tech), blue (air), black (crash), white (wild)
  7. If you have a 20-sided die, grab it. If not, download a d20 app for your phone. Here are some options:
  8. Read through the rules and play SEND IT!